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Virtual Youth Majlis Learning From The Past

Virtual Youth Majlis: Learning From The Past

Date: 08 July 2020 Category: Community Ticket price: Free


Connect with Nature - UAE

This session on 8 July highlights the changes in our lifestyles, asking the question about keeping the balance in relation to our traditions and keeping it alive in the modern era while protecting the environment? The conversation explores many ways to preserve our culture, heritage and natural resources for the coming generations.


Connect with Nature - UAE

Join a movement by young changemakers who love and appreciate nature and want to protect it while taking fun to the next level! Founded on 12th January 2019, the categories include education for environmental conservation organization.


Connect with Nature - UAE

Everyone is welcome to explore the UAE through one-of-a-kind experiences in nature, thrilling adventures, awe-inspiring heritage, fascinating technology & innovation, and enchanting creativity.

Hours: Admission:17:30

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