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Join The Erada Run 2024 Dubai S Premier Fitness Event For Charity

Join the Erada Run 2024: Dubai’s Premier Fitness Event for Charity

Date: June 29, 2024

Category: Dubai Events, Dubai Sports, Family, Culture

Admission: Tickets

Three athletes participating for Erada Run 2024

The Erada Run 2024 will be one of the most significant, notable additions to Dubai's calendar of sporting events—simple in concept, rich in culture, and dynamic in events. Taking place on June 29, 2024, it will bring hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and the wider community together to participate in a health and wellbeing day out in aid of selected charitable causes.


Registration and Fees:

The event will be open to everyone, but with tickets whose price will range from AED 60-89.25 to allow participation by the largest possible number of interested persons. One can register for the event through Hopasports, one of the leading sporting events registration platforms in the UAE.


Event Highlights


Lace Up for a Cause:

EradaRun is more than a run; it's an act of philanthropy. One can indulge in a feel-good factor while running towards fitness and discharging their social responsibility through contributions back to charitable organizations. The event looks at inculcating community spirit and social responsibility.

Race Categories and Distances:

Although in this regard, details such as race categories and distances have not been mentioned, varied options are usually the case to make the event enjoyable for people with varying fitness levels and age groups alike. Whether you're an experienced runner gunning for a new personal best or somebody who just wants to join a fun and supporting run, the Erada Run probably has something for you.


Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

The event is also designed to be family-friendly, making sure to encourage many participants of all ages. Their city center Mirdif facilities will make it the best place for families to watch and participants to enjoy plenty of activities and convenient facilities in the area.


Two participants for Erada Run 2024

Why Participate?


Health and Well-being: 

Erada Run is just the thing to get everybody moving toward a healthy lifestyle. Among the myriad health benefits of regular running activity are better cardio, more energy, and a healthy mind.


Community Engagement:

Events like the Erada Run are one way to provide a platform for community engagement. Bringing people together allows them to experience the events and hence develop a feeling of togetherness. Be it with friends, family, or colleagues you run with, race participation shared creates ties that bind.


Charitable Causes:

Moreover, it is for charity that runners take part in the Erada Run. This part of the event emphasizes giving back to society through charity and helping the cause of the less fortunate.

Preparing for the Erada Run


Training Tips:

Either for a beginner or runners looking to get better, it is highly recommended to have a proper training program. Increasing a training load in terms of running mileage and intensity, strengthening exercises, proper nutrition, and hydration are essential parts of the successful training process.


What to Bring:

Participants must, therefore, ensure that they are equipped with comfortable running shoes, the type of athletic wear that best suits the occasion, and any other personal equipment or items one would need, such as water bottles or energy snacks. Having a hat and some sunscreen to protect oneself from the sun would also be helpful since Dubai can get pretty warm.


Tips on Race Day:

On the day, get there a little early to get settled at the venue, warm up, and start hydrating while keeping your head in a good place by remembering that it's going to be about the experience and supporting a great cause.

Three participants for Erada Run 2024


The Erada Run 2024 will be one of the highlights in Dubai's sporting calendar, giving every participant a chance to raise money for charitable causes while engaging in a healthy activity. This event will remain in the memory of runners and onlookers alike, considering its accessible venue at City Centre Mirdif and the nature of including all kinds of personalities into one event.


Lace-up those running shoes for a good cause and be a part of this fun community event in one of the world's most exciting cities.

Date: June 29, 2024


Erada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd, Mirdif 

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 52 907 7769


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