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Turkish Restaurant Ruby A Food Heaven For Meat Lovers

Turkish Restaurant Ruby, A food Heaven for Meat Lovers

Breakfast Delights The famous Ruby House Breakfast remains to be the most popular. It consists of Cheese Plate, Fume Meat Plater, Cheese Roll Borek, Sucuk, Menemen, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Acuka, Butter, Labne, Halvah, Grape Molasses, Tahini, Honey, Kaymak, Nutella, Strawberry Jam, Rose Jam, Fig Jam. Single breakfast, Breakfast Sides and Breakfast Oven are a must-try also. These menus are giving you more than reasons to come back.

Iftar Menu


  1. Pumpkin Creme Brulee ( Vanilla steaks. ounces of cooking cream, and pumpkin

  2. Ruby Passion (A heavenly mix of forest fruit, almond sponge, fresh raspberries, and white chocolate mousse.

  3. Katmer (Traditional Crispy Thin Dough With Ground Pistachio Served With Vanilla Ice Cream)

  4. Havuc Dilimi Baklava ( Traditional Turkish Baklava)

  5. Sacher Cake (Almond chocolate cake and apricot puree with thick chocolate sauce)

  6. Medovic (Sweet caramel filling with honey, creme patisserie, cream cheese, and forest fruit)

  7. Kabaksarma (Dashes of tahini and cinnamon with pumpkin, roasted walnut and kaymak

  8. Syrniki ( Special cooked Russian Cottage cheese served with sweetened condensed milk cooked with authentic flavoursTimingsDaily: 12:00 - 00:00 Contact: Ruby Passion For Meat Villa 426 (12), Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 2 Dubai- United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 547 7387, +971 54 437 7771 Web: Photo courtesy: Location:

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