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The Stables Pub Dubai S Ultimate Destination For Euro Cup Fans And Foodies

The Stables Pub: Dubai's Ultimate Destination for Euro Cup Fans (and Foodies!)

A warm, rustic restaurant interior with wooden tables, chairs, and bar stools. Exposed brick walls, a mezzanine level, and chandeliers add a touch of elegance. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, perfect for a casual dining experience.

Perfectly complementing the stunning game, The Stables offers a culinary experience that pleases all palates. Their menu has a delightful twist on traditional British fare. It is a refreshing alternative to the typical pub grub. All the dishes on the menu are made with premium and fresh ingredients and are presented with a flair.

You will not be disappointed at The Stables which delivers a contemporary twist to British comfort food. Whether you are in the mood for a steak infused with thick gravy, fish and chips, or a comforting pie, The Stables has it all. They make sure that your hunger pangs do not interfere with the excitement of the game. Every bite of their food is a delightful adventure that accentuates the thrills on the screen just in the right way. 

Unveil The Ultimate VIP Experience

The Stables offer two VIP areas to cater to groups of up to 12 people. These areas are especially for those who want to have more exclusive experiences and entertainment. One can choose to host a football watch party for their close friends in these cozy retreats. Imagine watching The Euro Cup in the comfort of your own VIP area with your friends while taking advantage of the best services, dedicated screens, and luxurious seating space. 

With a minimum reservation for six people, the price of these VIP areas is Dhs200 per person. You will get an unmatched experience watching The Euro Cup at The Stables. Reserve your VIP spots, gather all your football enthusiasts, and enjoy the beautiful game with delicious food and style. 

Three skewers of grilled chicken satay with a side of chili sauce and a lime wedge on a plate.

Beyond The Game: A Prize-Giving Celebration

The Stables, Euro Cup festivities do not end when the final whistle blows. During the tournament the pub will hold exciting competitions and giveaways, enhancing the excitement and fun of the people watching. If you are lucky enough you can also win and double your joy and excitement of The Euro Cup. 

All the visitors are given a chance to win a variety of prizes which include, free drinks at the bar and even gold coins. The ultimate show-stopper is the grand prize, which is a sponsored trip to Mumbai, India. Think of yourself experiencing the vibrant culture, witnessing the busy streets, and making amazing memories in India. Attending the games at The Stables can help you get one step closer to this amazing chance of winning a trip to India. 

Make Memories and Celebrate Triumphs 

At The Stables, football fans can make lifelong memories with their closest friends. Here you will have an incredible Euro Cup experience, whether you are supporting your country’s team, celebrating a dramatic win or just taking in the electrifying atmosphere. 

A rich chocolate dessert topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and crispy, caramelized honey tuiles. The plate is drizzled with chocolate sauce and garnished with lemon zest.

Thus, when The Euro Cup begins, get all your buddies together, book a VIP area if you want an added level of exclusivity, and visit The Stables. This pub in Dubai is the best place for the Euro Cup, with delicious food, an unmatched atmosphere, and exciting prize giveaways. 

What: Euro Cup Matches at The Stables

When: 14th June - 14th July

Where: The Stables Dubai, 32 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre 1, Dubai

Contact: 054 417 7028

Instagram: @thestablesdubai


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