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The Kasap Restaurant And Coffee Shop

The Kasap Restaurant and Coffee Shop


authentic Turkish restaurantThe Kasap serves delectable Ottoman cuisine which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines.

Diners are welcome to sample a variety of Turkish delights, sweet and stretchy nougat that is a speciality in Turkey or dine on some mouth-watering lamb chops, kebabs and more.

The ambience at The Kasap is truly reminiscent of the bygone Turkish era and oozes with style and regality. The Kasap Restaurant and Coffee Shop

offers modern Turkish cuisine that meets elegance. Diners can experience their journey as they enter through the doors of The Kasap Turkish Restaurant and Coffee Shop. The atmosphere is unique and takes them back to the refreshing Istanbul fresh air of izmir or the blue gold sea line of the white sea. They will be greeted with the warmest of hospitality, which is deeply rooted in the Turkish culture, and the design of the store is both modern and rustic making it a very relaxing and comfortable to experience the taste of Turkey in Dubai.

Located at ibn batutta mall the Kasap is fine dining at it’s best.

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere the restaurant serves 100% fresh produce quality meats and a dedicated staff. This is sure to be the new hot spot for Turkish cuisine. Right from breakfast to dinner it has a rich variety of cuisine the famous village breakfast for two is a signature dish for breakfast or indulge in a selection of sorted omelettes handmade sandwiches. Lavish spread can be seen at dinner, a rich selection of grills tenderloins stakes chickens with kids meals are available with salads mix mezze and traditional Turkish sweets will be guaranty with satisfaction for a night to Remember.


food served here is a statement in Turkish cuisine excellence. Right from small plates to tasting menu, their talented kitchen staff is dedicated to delivering delicious food that exceeds expectations. The Kasap Restaurant and Coffee Shop  served bakery items, beef, burgers, breakfast, chicken, desert, drinks, fries, lamb dishes, rice, salad, sandwiches, steak etc.

*Kindly note that seasonal offerings change throughout the year and our menus will vary accordingly.

Contact: The Kasap Restaurant and Coffee Shop Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 566 8376 Web:

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