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The China Club

The China Club


Chef presents the best Chinese feast at The China Club and diners can enjoy authentic Japanese, Chinese and Persian cuisine.

The China Club is located at Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek offering is one of the city’s most popular dishes. The restaurant serves fresh seafood and confections, with wealth of choices at their on-site restaurants in Dubai that promises to satisfy any taste. Guests can host a business lunch in a private room, embark on a dinner cruise aboard the Al Mansour Dhow, or savor a late-night snack at the famous eatery! The team also offer a special brunch for families each Friday.

At China Club, the interiors are grand with elaborate lampshades and red carpeted walls and booths that makes the experience enthralling. The service is exceptional, the staff is happily to guide guests through a menu which has labels with the chef’s recommendations and health-conscious choices. They also serve mainly vegetarian dishes. The portions are overall very large, making an appetizer and a main course more than enough for one.

Diners can relish deep-fried crumbed prawns, tossed celery with black fungus, assorted steamed dim sum, dried scallop and ash melon soup, stir-fried lobster with spring onion and ginger, and sweet deep-fried ice cream. Diners can order the Nanjing-style roasted duck, which is tender and is served with a remarkable honey and soy sauce. Other courses such as stir-fried fish fillet with vegetables or black pepper beef fillet are delicious.

The China Club gives a rich and vivid homage to China in Dubai. Serving richly textured dishes can create well balanced and fresh ingredients. Diners enjoy being served in tea pots and endless steaming baskets of delicious treasures – Dubai has embraced yum cha. This Chinese restaurant are fiercely devoted to yum cha. A popular Cantonese export, yum cha translates as ‘drink tea’ and means gathering together friends and family, while feasting on snack-sized portions of dim sum. The ultimate

dining experience, with a traditional push-trolley table replenishes the table with double-decker wicker baskets of delights. Glasses and cups are topped up , diners can taste honey chicken char siew bao; sweet balls of fried banana custard milk and plump, meaty shrimp har gau with homemade peach and lemon iced tea, or the hot green variety. The comfortable velvet booth is served with fried and steamed dim sum flavours, all halal. Trolley also serves vegetarian salads, soups – vegetable, chicken – and noodles and rice.

Savvy diners should definitely make the trip to China Club and enjoy a memorable dining experience.

Contact: China Club Baniyas, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Dubai Deira Creek, Plaza Building Ground Level, Baniyas Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 205 7033 e-mail: Web:

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