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Spinneys Dubai

Spinneys Dubai

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customers in 1961, Spinneys’ Dubai had their first supermarket venture in Al Nasr Square in 1962. During that time, it was recognized locally as ‘The Frozen Chicken’ – the only retailer to sell frozen chickens from a chiller van. The company continues to remain innovative.

In 1924, Arthur Rawdon Spinney, a British army officer stationed in Alexandria, Egypt, identified a need in the area for imported food products, planting the seed for what would later be one of the Middle East’s leading supermarket chains.

Spinneys has a a well-deserved reputation for being progressive, keeping pace with changes in cooking trends and the launch of innovative products worldwide. Presently, Spinneys Dubai, owned by UAE national Mr Ali Albwardy,

has built a strong name for supplying only the best quality produce and offering a high level of customer service. Stringent monitoring food standards, safety and freshness have always been at the forefront of the company’s ethos.

This is one reason why the Spinneys brand is defined as ‘The fresher experience’. To safeguard customer satisfaction, Spinneys constantly monitors shopping trends and reacts quickly and effectively to customer suggestions and feedback. The team has in-store bakeries, butcheries and delicatessens, and are able to deliver not only on the assurance of freshness, but variety too. They provide support to local food producers within the UAE, they have also developed an enviably comprehensive network of reputable suppliers all around the world. These suppliers, who are the producers assist them with the freshest international products on the shelves every day.

Their in-store

system is committed to ensure a hygienic, controlled and safe environment in which every department is well-presented and welcoming with knowledgeable, friendly staff. The team ensures to make food shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognised set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.), which ensure safe and sustainable agricultural production, that benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world. An assurance of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, Spinneys is the first retail member of GLOBALG.A.P. in the Middle East.

The team works towards conservation of water, soil and ecosystems is essential for future generations. Growers are paid a fair price for their crops to help them maintain sustainable farming practices and drive worker welfare.

They guarantee that their fresh produce is not genetically modified. This commitment helps people to assure biodiversity for future generations.

School visits and tours of their facilities for up to 25 students at a time is made available, every day except Mondays. All students must be accompanied by a representative from the school. For those interested in arranging a visit, please send an email, specify your preferred area of focus, store and date.

Contact: Spinneys’ Dubai Spinneys Dubai LLC Floor 30 & 34 Vision Tower Business Bay Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 274 3333 Fax: +971 4 355 5271 e-mail: Web:

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