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The Promenade By Vincitore

The Promenade by Vincitore

A retail

Vincitore Realty

The Promenade, by Vincitore is an exceptional outdoor experiential retail development that is well crafted as a royal landmark for visitors to relax, reconnect, and unwind.

They believe in making every visitor feel special and like royalty. The Promenade has a unique retail combination of high quality, top brands in boutique business that caters to elite clients offering the best quality of goods and services to the community. This unique retail landmark is created to cater to each & every need and want of its visitors at this one-stop destination for each and every quality investments.


Vincitore Realty

Vincitore Realty revealed its plans to build a scintillating outdoor shopping destination in this community. The unique concept destination is expected to feature a 250 m long boulevard boardwalk, lined with high-end brands, niche boutiques and an array of culinary experiences!

The Vincitore Boulevard features aesthetics inspired by well designed Parisian high streets. This high-street retail destination has been designed to emulate European colonial architecture with Victorian-era motifs. The promenade is approximately 100,000 sq.ft located in Dubailand and is said to present a diverse range of brands – from high street fashion outlets to pharmacies and clinics.


Vincitore Realty

When it is completed, the Promenade will be home to renowned retail brands. Here are some of the types of stores you can expect at The Promenade in Dubailand.

The completion date of Vincitore Realty is not announced. The Promenade is located right next to the city’s floral wonder, Dubai Miracle Garden in Arjan and within a 10-minute drive radius of Dubailand. It is also only a short distance away from Global Village and Al Barari.

Hours: 09:00 – 21:00 Sun: 09:30 – 21:30

Contact: the Promenade by Vincitore Vincitore Bouleavard Opp. Miracle Garden Arjan-Dubailand Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 324 2263, +971 52 998 0001 e-mail: Web:


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