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Soul Santé Café

Soul Santé Café


Soul Santé Café

One of the newest additions this year, Soul Santé Cafe in Dubai Marina is exactly what one expects from a vegan restaurant. The walls are decorated with foliage and the exposed white bricks giving a general feel of calmness. This is an ideal place to spend an afternoon working away from the office.

The ambience at the restaurant is natural, well-ventilated and relaxing. Their staff are attentive but are trained to allow clients to be at ease.

Soul Santé Café

Manisha Advani who brought the concept wanted to create a vegan cafe that serves healthy and delicious food, in a natural and welcoming environment. She began her journey to create a distinctive vegan menu, and a natural environment where health-conscious young professionals get to discover the pleasures of all-things vegan.


Soul Santé Café

Soul Santé Café is a great place to enjoy brand-new healthy vegan cafe, for the fresh feel good food.


08:00 – 21:00

Contact: Soul Santé Café Jannah Place Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 50 783 7685 Web:

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