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Discover The Charm Of Derwandi Dubai A Culinary Journey Through Lebanese Delights

Discover the Charm of Derwandi Dubai: A Culinary Journey Through Lebanese Delights

Updated: Apr 22

Derwandi Dubai emerges as a fresh gem in Dubai's vibrant culinary landscape, celebrated for its embrace of multicultural flavors and influences.

Derwandi Dubai is a recent addition to Dubai's culinary scene, which is well-known for its multiculturalism. This prestigious Lebanese company, which was founded in Abu Dhabi, has now made its home in the bustling center of Jumeirah. Derwandi Dubai, which has a reputation for authenticity and quality that precedes it, offers a dining experience that is unmatched with stunning vistas that equal the Burj Khalifa's majesty.

Derwandi Dubai, nestled in Al Wasl neighborhood, blends Lebanese tradition with Dubai's dining vibrancy

A Glimpse into Lebanese Culinary Excellence

Tucked away in the busy Al Wasl neighborhood, Derwandi Dubai honors its Lebanese heritage while capturing the essence of Dubai's vibrant dining scene. The restaurant, which takes its name from the iconic Lebanese figure El Derwandi from the 1970s, transports visitors to Beirut's streets through a multisensory experience. Everything has a genuine, nostalgic feel about it, even the food and décor.

Derwandi Dubai: renowned for its unwavering commitment to authenticity.

Authenticity Redefined: From Lebanon to Dubai

Derwandi Dubai is known for its unrelenting dedication to authenticity. To ensure that every meal perfectly captures the deep tastes and rich traditions of Lebanese cuisine, the culinary staff meticulously obtains top ingredients straight from Lebanon. Every component, from the aromatic zaatar of Jbeil to the silky tahini of Tripoli, narrates a tale of skill and tradition.

Explore the tantalizing Lebanese culinary delights on Derwandi Dubai's diverse menu.

Culinary Masterpieces: Delights for Every Palate

Derwandi Dubai's wide menu including Lebanese culinary delights tantalizes the senses. Begin your culinary adventure with iconic appetizers like hummus Derwandi and labneh Derwandi, which are expertly prepared using a fusion of traditional and modern techniques. With its mouthwatering assortment of tastes, sayniyet Derwandi is a great option for anyone looking for a communal eating experience with friends and family.

Savor a variety of delectable main courses, such as the famous warak enab with koussa and the substantial fatteh, each of which is a showcase for the culinary prowess of Derwandi's chefs. Derwandi Dubai makes sure that every visitor leaves feeling full and wanting more with a menu that is carefully chosen to accommodate a wide range of tastes.

Derwandi Dubai boasts a spacious two-floor layout spanning over 1,200 square meters, exuding an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

Elevated Dining Experience: Where Ambiance Meets Elegance

Derwandi Dubai, which is spread across two floors and more over 1,200 square meters, has an elegant atmosphere that skillfully combines modern and traditional elements. The elaborate details and luxurious furniture in the interiors provide an appealing ambiance for guests, evoking the warmth of Lebanese hospitality. But the rooftop patio, with its expansive views of the famous Burj Khalifa, is the real attraction. Whether you're having a casual meal, a leisurely breakfast, or an evening tea and shisha, the rooftop becomes the ideal setting for special occasions.

 Hospitality is more than simply a service at Derwandi Dubai; it's a way of life.

Impeccable Service: Hospitality at Its Finest

Hospitality is more than simply a service at Derwandi Dubai; it's a way of life. From the time visitors walk through the door, they are certain to get customized care from the attentive staff, who are taught to anticipate every requirement. The staff goes above and beyond to surpass expectations, making a lasting impact on each and every visitor, whether it's a recommendation from the menu or a particular dietary requirement.

Derwandi Dubai stands as a beacon of authenticity and excellence in a city renowned for its diverse culinary scene.

Conclusion: A Culinary Haven Awaits

A symbol of authenticity and excellence, Derwandi Dubai distinguishes out in a city known for its diverse gastronomic offerings. Derwandi Dubai welcomes visitors to go on a gastronomic adventure unlike any other, all while upholding the rich legacy of Lebanese cuisine and delivering an unmatched dining experience. Derwandi Dubai aims to satiate your senses and leave you wanting more, whether you're a connoisseur of Lebanese cuisine or just looking for a great dining experience.


Daily: 8:00 - 1:00



Jumeirah - Jumeirah 2

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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