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on the lobby floor, open for breakfast and dinner, Sirocco is an ideal place to relax with family or colleagues. With two branches in Dubai, Sirocco is located at Holiday Inn and in Al Seef.

With a choice of portioned and flavourable dishes, Sirocco is well designed by the talented team of chefs. With comfortable seating for over 200 people and a contemporary bar, Sirocco is a captivating hotspot for diners to unwind with the company of friends and family.  Nearest Parking is at Heritage,

Sirocco serves a feast of international fare, from mozzarella salad to burgers and fries, fresh fish to sandwiches and cake. The eatery’s chefs main focus is on each vibrant dish’s natural flavours, ensuring that every meal is always fresh and beautifully plated. Served in a chic space that is both modern and rustic,

Sirocco is set up on the edge of Dubai’s historic creek, with stunning views. Drawing inspiration from wholesome cuisines around the world, Sirocco inventively creates an international menu using only the best ingredients to please the discerning foodies. It’s a space that is unpretentious, with staff members who are always welcoming and amiable. Specialties include serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee, Sirocco takes care of services, catering and delivery. The restaurant is good for large gatherings, also good for kids. Sirocco inventively creates an international menu, takes care of reservations and take out along with waiter service. Using only the best ingredients this family friendly restaurant caters for all palettes.


are set to embark on a journey of taste, Sirocco Restaurant & Cafe – not just another restaurant. It’s a manifestation of a new global world, offering treats to foodies and passion for culinary exploration. Diners can match their mood with an array of restaurants and bars across three luxury, waterfront hotels at dfc. Offering a prime choice of scenic locations and a multitude of international fare, these restaurants cater to a variety of moods, flavours and occasions.

Contact: Sirocco Dubai Holiday Inn Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 324 9292, +971 4 701 1127 e-mail: Web:

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