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Showing Arte Museum An Experience That Engages The Senses

Showing Arte Museum: An Experience that engages the senses.

A digital collage depicting the evolution of interactive artwork. Various colorful images and shapes intertwine, representing the fusion of different senses beyond sight in artistic expression.

The evolution of interactive work art has sparked an interest in transcending traditional boundaries by involving more than one's sight, taking art beyond the realm of drear vision and multi-sensory experiences that are unmatched by anything duct tape can offer. At the Arte Museum, the exhibit will be multi-faceted to include not only the sense of sight, but touch, taste, sound” Real. time experiences with art exhibits that ‘react’ to the touch using skin-sensitive technology. Plus, works of art that reflect the museum’s the very essence through light and movement.

Positioned in Dubai's center, the museum offers a sensory experience where changes in light and temperature are perceptible even before entering, enhancing anticipation and immersion.

Transition from the streets to the Arte Museum

Located in the heart of Dubai, shifts in light and temperature can be seen and ‘felt’ before walking into the museum. The Arte Museum is more than just a place to store artifacts, but a dense universe that introduces a ‘blending’ of the outside onto the art scene.

Our extensive and engaging experience begins as you walk into our freshly renovated lobby where Pantone colors, walls, floors, and chairs were all hand-selected to create a harmonious experience for the eyes. Touches of Pioneer’s beautiful paintings and the additional of specially designed scents, succulents, fresh flowers and cozy little seating areas intensify your multi-sense journey.

Transformative exhibit halls feature meticulously crafted immersive environments, engaging visitors in tactile and non-visual experiences beyond traditional displays.

Touch as art: A sensual walk through the Arte Yards

Exhibit halls changed dramatically, as immersive worlds were carefully put together to immerse visitors, in touch and non-visual environments. Four domes painstakingly designed to illustrate a sense of being “in a ‘skyway’; sunken veins of gentle, colorful light moving around you in perfect harmony with the sounds of what could be a neighboring garden— each with its theme. Also, the garden will be done in collaboration with Kasumi, an installation concept where his soundscapes collide gently with the delicate touch of their choices of flowers in the shape.

 The globally acclaimed Arte Museum garners attention for its dedication to showcasing groundbreaking and progressive art, sparking curiosity and acclaim in the news.

Dubai-style immersive art

World-renown Arte Museum is fresh in the news because of conscience interest in new, deserving and progressive art. Watching the sculptures come alive by the functional drama through visual lights baking, infusing your paces with fragrance tones, digital oils, and modern touch. Revolutionary, curiosity-rousing, and unconventional exhibits comprise one of the most reliable touchstones to reflect on and with the time. Emirates, like exotic visitors are enlightened by another understanding of the unseen and remarkably presented visual world people have found in art itself.

Today’s Arte Museum different architecture and real art is crossing the pervious Dumps vision limits –Making people smell, see, touch, monitor, and even taste.


Daily: 10:00 - 23:00


Arte Museum Dubai

Dubai Mall - Level 2 Financial Center Rd

Opposite Galeries Lafayette - Downtown Dubai

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 570 7084


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