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Sesame Restaurant

Sesame Restaurant

Focused to

captivate foodies, Sesame Restaurant brings a fresh dining concept. The place caters to a food-conscious market such as Dubai. Sesame is a new crop of plant-forward food; with a unique combination of cooking techniques, style, and flavors from around the globe. It is created from the ground up and fuelled by determination to share wholesome food. The concept of Plant Forward ‘world food’ is mainly about whole-grains, fruits, vegetables along with pulses. The team works with seasonal, organic and local ingredients wherever possible to create the best flavours for all.

Sesame Restaurant is nestled right in the heart of Jumeirah in Sunset Mall with access to the beach, free parking and shopping. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor in a relaxed corner, where everyone is welcome to spend time with a book or with friends and family, to enjoy a jubilant nourishing environment. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant is all about a relaxed ambiance that embraces sincerity and transparency about the food, which the team creates right from scratch, using only the best ingredients. Sesame is operated with infectious enthusiasm of the team who are ready to assist clients through the menu and share the spirit behind Sesame. The team hopes to become a lasting fixture in the community for years to come, where kindness is keenly promoted through food.

Neha and Irina have come up with the unique concept for Sesame Restaurant, Dubai. Irina Sharma follows the philosophy of ‘you are what you digest’, not ‘we are what we eat’, and is a follower of the VIVAMAYR cult. Neha Jamani is a trained Natural Chef at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, Berkeley, California. Sesame Restaurant serves a nourishing menu –

they go the extra mile at Sesame and prefer to do things like soaking the grains/nuts/beans for easier digestion. Their mineral broth is made using about 15 different ingredients, their homemade sauces & dressings are made in-house from scratch. This is a health-conscious menu that shares clean, delicious, wholesome food and living foods that nourish the body. At Sesame, the team offers dishes that not only focus on flavor and taste, but also share valuable insights on therapeutic applications for illness prevention, recovery, and optimal health.

The menu at Sesame has something fresh to offer for everyone, with dishes that combine technique, style, and flavors from around the world; in a way that supports nourishment. Sesame promises a fare made from scratch, a menu that does not follow any specific cuisine, but rather, use familiar ingredients in fresh innovative ways. The all-day nourishing menu is

all about bold flavors, homemade spices & sauces with many different textures. The restaurant combines their passion for purchasing locally whenever possible, liberal use of vegetables and super foods, and continuing to create better ¬food for your appetite.

The team recognizes that some people have food allergies and intolerances – their future takeaway, delivery and daily blackboard menu will share many solutions with clients.

Contact: Sesame Restaurant Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Beach Rd Jumeirah-3 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 339 1300 e-mail: Web:

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