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Saga World Dubai

Saga World Dubai

Welcome to Saga World – a world of many splendor. Saga World is dedicated to promotion of fine arts and crafts.

Saga World Dubai is a standalone mall, famous as the one in the world that displays and presents nothing but all finer things of life. The shopping mall presents all fine things as its business philosophy, selling only the very best, handpicked one-of-a-kind collections that timeless. This is the only mall that compares to a museum and allows the connoisseur to choose stuff any museum will be proud the display.

All about excellence, Saga World showcases the most unique and exquisite pieces be that textiles or jewelry, carpets or Islamic Art, Calligraphy or contemporary Art, Luxury on an unprecedented scale. Furniture made from pure silver, Marble inlaid with pure gold, Ancients masters weaving great master pieces of the renaissance period into carpets distained to last to the next millennia and beyond.

Saga World caters to the discerning crowd that tends to frequent the Jumeirah area, Saga World is an extravagant mall that specialises in all things luxurious and artistic. Located parallel to the beach on Jumeirah Beach Road in Umm Suqeim 1, Saga World is overflowing with handpicked artwork, jewellery, Islamic art and calligraphy, Renaissance-inspired woven carpets and even furniture made with gold and silver. You can also add to your wardrobe or grab a quick bite and coffee.

Saga World offers the most impeccable service, its highly motivated and trained staff are more curators than seller, ever willing to render assistance and educate the visitor if required.

Contact: Saga World Dubai Cottage Industries U.A.E. (LLC) 356-948, Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqueim 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 1111398 Tel.: + 971 4 395 9071, +971 4 395 9087 e-mail: Web:

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