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Pars Iranian Restaurant

Pars Iranian Restaurant

One of Dubai’s first and finest authentic Persian restaurants – Pars serves Persian food that is unique among other Middle Eastern cuisines as it combines fresh herbs and subtle aromatic spices such as saffron with fruit, nuts etc.

The Farsi word “Pars” originates from the name of the original homeland of the Persian people. Pars also pertains to being ‘of Persia’. A rich word with etymology demanding richness from that which it is given to. Thus arrives the ideal meaning of the word Pars for Pars restaurant and cuisine; presenting rich and authentic food of the highest quality to this region since 1989.

More than 35 years of experience in the restaurant business, the founders serve delectable Persian food, which showcase the comfort of Arabic taste. Food is prepared in one centralized kitchen daily, the Pars kitchens utilize only of pure quality and authenticity, with only Iranian chefs managing the preparation of the world-renowned Persian meat, bread, and rice.

Pars Iranian Restaurant today is a brand name that has continued to maintain its popularity and accessibility from various  locations across the city. And catering to the appeal and be a part of Arab culture, the team has improvised specialised Persian flavours to reflect their taste in food and ambiance. The team constantly strive for new menu items that are not just delicious but healthy too, with the end-goal of expanding globally, presenting wholesome Persian comfort food to the world.

Diners are welcome to visit the picturesque courtyard seating, stunning antique décor, and the ancient Persian influences, and indulge in traditional grilled meats, fish, Persian stews and freshly baked Persian pastries and sweets.

You can call the desired branch for reservation:

Pars Iranian Restaurant (Trade Center Branch) Tel.: +971 4 398 8787

Pars Iranian Restaurant (Deira Branch) Tel.: +971 4 296 8990

Pars Iranian Restaurant (Mall of the Emirates Branch) Tel.: +971 4 341 1666 You may also call them directly on 800 4069.

Contact: Pars Iranian Restaurant Mall of The Emirates – Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 800 4069 Web:

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