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Orfali Bros Bistro

Orfali Bros Bistro


orfali bros bistro

At Orfali Bros, each day the team celebrates their journey and experiences with the guests. Their contemporary ideas are served in a unique way by the chefs. Experience taste, texture and ingredients, the three things are offered with their exceptional experience, skills and vision of the chefs. Everything is enhanced and modernized appealing to the multicultural society of Dubai, this food journey is a work of gastronomical art.

Supporting local farmers and suppliers to serve the top quality of local ingredients, their Bistronomy is all about the importance given to tradition and to renew customers the best possible fun dining experience possible.

orfali bros bistro

Further enhanced and modernized to fit in with the multiculturalism and avant-gardism of Dubai, a food journey evolved into a work of gastronomical art.

orfali bros bistro

The three brothers have two passions and one goal. Orfali Brothers are well-known for the Culinary Arts and the World of Patisserie Art.

Hours: Daily: 12:00 – 24:00

Contact: Orfali Bros Bistro Restaurant Wasl 51, Al Wasl Road D92 – Jumeirah 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 04 259 2477 e-mail: Web:


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