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Myocum Dubai

Myocum Dubai


Myocum Dubai

Named after the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia where co-founders Khalid bin Hadher and Pascal Moser met. After Pascal moved to Dubai to work and seek new opportunities alongside two of his childhood friends Boelie and Inti, they started to miss home in this transient but great city. Many nights and countless days have been spent envisioning this culinary home away from home.

The essence of Myocum is fresh food, the feeling of community and a love of coffee. The food joints at Dar Wasl Mall are exceptional,

Myocum Dubai

Myocum Dubai is an Aussie coffee shop and casual eatery that is worthy of checking out. The team serves good coffee the Australian way, and the menu is filled with interesting breakfast dishes, salad bowls, sandwiches and bigger main courses has influences from all over the world.


Myocum Dubai


07:00 – 23:00

Contact: Myocum Dubai Unit 43, Dar Wasl Mall Al Safa, Dubai Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 (0) 54 530 5905 e-mail: Web:

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