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Modern Bakery

Modern Bakery

Modern Bakery

opened its doors in 1975 as a relatively small scale family run bakery. With 80 employees and many of the products being manually produced. Modern Bakery began business by supplying the region with Arabic breads, pastries, Arabic sweets and confectionery.

At present, Modern Bakery is one of the largest bakeries in the UAE however, it remains family run. The team has a workforce of over 1,500 and the capacity to produce 1 million buns and rolls alone every day. Their assortment of products has diversified and expanded to meet the requirements of the growing customer base. Modern Bakery now produces 2,500 different types of bakery items, breads, pastries, Arabic sweets, confectionary, muffins, cakes and biscotti’s are just a fraction of the variety of products. They have a large product base and still surpass competitors with superior customer satisfaction and consistently exceptional quality of goods.

Their vision is to provide an increasing

portfolio of high quality, speciality products in the market, whilst maintaining excellent customer satisfaction in every interaction. Modern Bakery has a diverse product base and their focus is on superior customer service has made Modern Bakery a proud regional supplier to an assortment of cleirnts, many being incredibly reputable and recognisable international brands across the UAE, GCC, Africa, Asia and the Levant. Their customer base is continually growing and ranges from globally recognised hypermarkets, supermarkets, coffee shops and fast food outlets, high profile catering companies and businesses to leading 4* and 5* hotel chains across the region.

Modern Bakery consists of ultra-modern, state of the art, fully and semi-automated production lines and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the capacity to produce large volumes of products each and every day. Their fantastic team of highly trained employees and their recognisable fleet of vehicles ensure that all goods are produced and distributed fresh to the customers. Modern Bakery

strives to stay ahead of the competition and their research and development teams are continuously working and innovating to present new products into the region. They make investments towards research and development and have meant that Modern Bakery are industry leaders across the region in the development of new speciality health bread products.

Right from 1974 onwards Modern Bakery has grown with a precise goal of being the market leader in the production of fresh Bread, Pastries and Snacks. Their rich history of success in this industry continues to pursue opportunities for development.

Contact: Modern Bakery Al Qouz Industrial Area 4 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 337 1100 Web:

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