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Miss Tess

Miss Tess

The very

best of Asia served in Dubai – Miss Tess at Taj Dubai is all about the bold colours of the restaurant’s eclectic décor. Diners will love the colourful tuk-tuk (rickshaw) parked right in the centre.

Their dinner menu inspired by the fictitious Miss Tess’ travels across Korea, Thailand, China and Vietnam. Take a seat and prepare to feast on modern Asian street food, served with a side of theatrical music and dance. Diners who enjoy and crave dim sum, spicy noodles, fresh sushi or Korean BBQ can head to the restaurant as it satisfies using just the right amount of culinary magic. Miss Tess is a lively, quirky and always memorable space.

People can book a table on Miss Tess’ terrace for enjoying the views of the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. Miss Tess is a street-food restaurant inspired by a story. This is a  story of an Asian woman who grew up on the streets of

her continent, learning what they offer best and turning this knowledge into a fully Asian gastronomical experience. People can meet Miss Tess and discover their delicious street food, the Asian Way. Miss Tess is the brand ambassador of the restaurant that holds her name. She is present to delight diners with her experiences, to surprise all with her performances and to host their evenings The Asian Way.

The attractive scenes at exciting eatery Miss Tess at the Taj Dubai is one of the most popular eating joints. The restaurant opened its doors on Thursday September 28 2017 and is famous for a whole range of Asian street food. Dishes are served in a surprising and delighting fashion by the team behind Miss Tess, and diners cant get enough of the eclectic interiors that transport them to the bustling street markets of Asia.

The restaurant will has taken the space of Tesoro at the Taj Dubai, which still operates for breakfast and lunch. 

Dishes at the new Miss Tess will be inspired by flavours from Korea, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Japan. The dishes served here include authentic Korean barbecue, sushi, noodles and a range of fresh and spicy soups. A variety of interactive cooking stations are seen whipping up a whole host of street food favorites. Miss Tess aims to provide traditional food with “theatrical performance” and promises is “simple and authentic, bold and affordable”.

Contact: Miss Tess Taj Dubai, Business Bay Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 5 650 4988 e-mail: Web:

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