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Marhaba Mall

Marhaba Mall

Marhaba Mall is

famous with the shoppers. The destination has a reputation of caring about all customers, partners and communities. The team loves to hear from their customers about what they do well, they are just as keen to hear when they have not met customers’ expectations or their suggestions for improvement.

Al Madina Group is a household name in the supermarket and department store business. Their selling point lies in the fact that they cater to sell for the masses. Taking care of freshness, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction are the benchmarks which define the Al Madina Group. The Group has branched off into various verticals, each serving a group of niche clients, niche lifestyles, and niche market segment. Grocery, Fresh foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery Products, Meat Products, Cosmetics & Body Care, Garments, Home Appliances, Footwear, Household Items, Stationery and many more.

Al Madina offers feasible solutions to their customers, staff, suppliers, shareholders and society by becoming the leading retailer. 

The brand is committed and maintains a unique position as a one-stop shopping destination across UAE for the clients by constantly evolving to offers a gamut of high quality products and services in synch with the changing customer requirements.

Al Madina group has developed in the last four decades due to its strong commitment to quality and value based existence. Their new premises is located at the Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1, this will be the second shopping mall of Al Madina Group in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area and 5th among malls which include more than 20 hypermarkets and supermarkets. With many expansion projects are in the pipeline of the Group, especially in the retail segment, according to the management. Apart from the Shopper’s Mall, Jebel Ali Mall, Al Quoz Mall, Marhaba Mall, Naseem Al Madina Mall, come under the Al Madina Group’s management, along with numerous supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country.

Founded in 1971 with an objective to provide

quality products at affordable prices, Al Madina Group has grown to the forefront of retail businesses with its own shopping malls, lifestyle products, jewellery outlets, industrial bakery, restaurants, and a printing press.

Al Madina Group has also recently launched Club Al Madina loyalty card to ensure better promotions and promotion benefits for customers.

Contact: Marhaba Mall Ras Al Khor Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 333 9644 Web:

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