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Marbaiya Restaurant And Cafe

Marbaiya restaurant and cafe


Marbaiya restaurant and cafe

Founded since 2008 – Marbaiya restaurant and cafe is famous for it’s unique design and interiors that are created by it’s chairman eng/Hossam Abd allah Jereidli. He created his design to the restaurant depending on the east and west combining together, where the interior decoration is a combination between the classics of wood, which were extensively used in the decoration. The decorations are as the adoption of the theory of straight lines and simple colors, the dark shades, which begins from the structures of wood until the orange light through the red annabi, is artistic as well. The restaurant interior is 800 square meters. The external area includes garden tent meetings of Foreign Affairs and Foreign sessions is 450 square meters. The total area of 1250 square meters more to become one of the largest and most luxurious restaurants in Dubai.


Marbaiya restaurant and cafe

Shisha Marbaiya is doing well and is leading as always.  They also provide rich kitchens of all varieties of Oriental and Western cuisine as well as pasta dishes and Minagish and the international dishes. With varieties of Italian, seafood, oriental, International and sweets,

Marbaiya restaurant and cafe

Contact: Marbaiya restaurant and cafe Dubai marina walk Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 50 505 0837 Web:

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