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London Slide

London Slide


about London, this place has the essence because it strives for harmony in difference. London Slide believes in embracing the beauty found in each example of global culture. The compassionate heart of London, that has the art, music and connect with The London Project – London Slide is distinct in a unique way.

This is a cultural destination with its own signature beat serving up the city’s slickest sliders, wrapped inside genuine pieces of art. The London Slide restaurant periodically selects globally emerging artists all lords and ladies of the fringe, charged with creating unique master works for in store installations. Queenie is their totemic coffee machine and demands great coffee. Great beans are incredible beer from anything less than the finest hops. The London Project deals with ethical supply chains, with producers that give fair terms to their crop providers and their own staff.

It’s the fusion of feasts with different districts.

The buzzing palate of Camden’s street eats, refined by Mayfair’s polished flair blends with thrilling modern cuisine of a Shoreditch kitchen. They serve Thamesian tapas and dishes from a cosmopolitan cookbook of secret family recipes. Here clients can know more about their menu, how the food is curated and created by a team of young and talented world-class chefs, looking to feed any fancy. The London Project drinks cabinet is a bar well-stocked with bottles from all over the world. They serve sips, shots and tots from all over the globe. Presenting bold flavours, people are welcome to try and visit to learn more about why ingredients, techniques, perfumes and infusions are important and can help enhance drinking experience. With passionate work on the walls, creativity is inspiring. One can expect to be stirred by bespoke pieces, commissioned curiosities and fragments. The London Project offers one of the finest, and most provocative galleries in town. 

The venue’s soundtrack is great with nostalgia for the banquets. The wild nights leads people on a journey of ribcage rattlers, retro breaks, trip hop, drop-barren trap and ambient house.

The voice of The London Project is welcoming. Everyone can join The London Project Live, in their podcast studio located at the home on BlueWaters Island. The London Project shapes the values, social enterprises and their vision for the future.


12:00 – 22:00

Contact: London Slide Bluewaters Island Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 876 7804 Web:

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