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Katrina Sweets Confectionery

Katrina Sweets & Confectionery

The company

Katrina Sweets & Confectionery” was originally founded in 2007 in Dubai, the UAE. Serving customized cakes, pastries, cookies and other products, the shop supplies customers with high-class service. The famous brand has established a chain of coffee shops and trading kiosks.

The production with its chain of coffee shops, trading kiosks and a distributor chain is in guidance with a common concept of the company. KATRINA BAKERY is famous for excellence in three departments; they are the production of bread and buns, confectionery and customized cakes. Bread and buns made here include more than 50 items (bread, buns, rolls and cookies). Confectionery items include more than 40 denominations of cakes and pastries. The brand is famous for creating individually-designed cakes that occupies a considerable part in the total process. A large team of confectioners, decorators and sculptors create specific cakes.

A big list of items on the menu has been created during the working years, there are easily more than 3000 unique cakes. Private orders are done especially for the client catering to their desires and nuances in designing. Their products and supplying has elevated with high-class service their company is establishing a chain of coffee shops and trading kiosks. Trading kiosks are situated in Trade Malls. Selling of their production through a distributor chain is developing quickly and with every passing year the number of customers is constantly increasing.

Katrina is a commercial brand of a confectionery bakery. The company Katrina Sweets & Confectionery was originally founded in 2007 in Dubai, the UAE. Within several years of hard work this small family business and small cozy coffee shop in Mirdif has turned into a large manufacture and a chain of coffee shops and trading kiosks. The area of the factory uses modern equipment and with a professional team the company serves products of a high quality.

The company KATRINA BAKERY LLC is proud of their aesthetic and flavoring characteristics of the products that have got a high mark among residents not just of the UAE but also outside them. The company has created a philosophy with the team to aim at keeping century-old traditions in recipes of bakery, following flavoring qualities of famous confectionery products and creating new recipes of products. The production of the confectionery is done according to the most modern technologies and with the use of the newest equipment.

Their baker and pastry chefs have a desire to create just like artists. Here they achieve a good product that is mixed with flavours and ingredients. The team is thankful to their clients for their faithfulness and loyalty towards their business.

Contact: Katrina Sweets & Confectionery 260 Airport Rd, Al Rashidiya Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 04 251 5577 Web:

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