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Kaftan Turkish Gourmet

Kaftan Turkish Gourmet


for their authentic Middle Eastern fare, Kaftan Turkish Gourmet is now located at La Mer. This family-friendly beach side meal offers more than the food; the entire experience that evokes great Turkish hospitality. The culinary team takes their lead from Ankara’s owner, Abdullah Mavis, by entertaining guests with enthusiasm.

Those thinking of heading to La Mer can enjoy the experience with Kaftan. The place is tastefully designed with seating a portion and other half-al fresco space, which is pleasingly breezy and naturally-lit. The interiors at the restaurant gives Mediterranean vibes, with chairs in lively blue, handmade ceramic plates on the walls and wooden flooring. The service of great with waiters move swiftly between tables, carrying flaming, salt-baked fish and honey topped desserts.


has raised expectations as the recognition and accomplishments of the Jumeirah Beach Road branch is sky-scraping. Diners can order the hummus, which is served with lamb cubes and fresh bread. The best in the business, the vine leaves are very big, packed with rice and minced meat with yoghurt. The mains are filling and hearty – with an assortment of charcoal-grilled meats over fresh bread. It’s not just tender but strikes the perfect balance with a bit of spice. Their famous dessert – the Pasa Kadayif— is sweet thin strands of shredded filo dough with crushed pistachios, baked until crispy. It was served with goat’s milk ice-cream. Kaftan is a great place to dine with the kids also, there’s a colour-in kids’ menu available, with burger and cheese pasta options.


offers one of the most authentic Turkish eats in town, along with La Mer’s relaxed vibes and unmissable Middle Eastern dining experience. La Mer is one of Dubai’s trendiest locations, Kaftan adds to the variety to food be serving authentic Turkish food in a modern style open eatery. Kaftan offers outdoor dining just by the beach for diners to have a memorable time. The entire space in this Turkish restaurant is comforting and chic. Guests are welcome to this warm space with intricate design of Turkish ceramic plates on the walls and soothing Turkish music while they dine.

Contact: Kaftan Turkish Gourmet Villa # 861 Jumeirah St Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 338 9688 Web:

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