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Il Faro Trattoria And Lounge

Il Faro Trattoria and Lounge

Il Faro

il faro

Il Faro Trattoria & Lounge is a casual Italian eatery with top-notch pizza and holiday vibes. Meaning “The Lighthouse” in Italian, the name Il Faro is suitable, as people can’t miss this quaint building set out at sea. Painted in the shades of soothing blues and sparkling whites this attractive eatery, in the shape of its namesake, houses a bar and pizzeria, ideal for lunch or dinner.

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il faro

Those who are after fine dining, the Trattoria is housed in the building opposite, they have a longer menu listing but Al Faro is very appealing, with vibrant feel and bright lighting with a great view. Diners can head for the lighthouse, as it has many talk about it. Even in the month of June, it’s not very hot and diners can enjoy sitting outside, where at most times every table is taken. It’s a spot that’s as suitable for date night as it is for a mates’ night.


al faro

Lighthouses are a delight to visit and and Il Faro should not be missed.

Contact: Il Faro Trattoria and Lounge Azure Residences, Palm Jumeirah Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 568 3137 Web:


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