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Hot Palayok Restaurant

A treat

Hot Palayok Restaurant

Hot Palayok Restaurant If you’re coming by car, there are paid parkings around the vicinity of Hot Palayok Restaurant in Karama. The restaurant is located beside Chef Flavors restaurant and the restaurant actually just opened yesterday so is really fresh and clean. The food is really great and all the dishes taste delicious. The staff is warm and friendly.


hot palayok

Diners can entice their taste buds with a wide range of recipes which are simple and refreshing. Sophisticated and intriguing, Hot Palayok features the charm of the Filipino cuisine that comes with the combination of salt, sour, sweet and spice. An ideal combination of rice, vegetables, fish and various other types of meat with an assortment of specific species serves you with mouth-watering dishes.

A treat at this finest Filipino and Pan-Asian restaurant –

hot palayok

The Hot Palayok Restaurant falls under the umbrella of Hospitality Catering LLC, established in 1994, in Abu Dhabi UAE. The company was founded by 3 hospitality professionals, who wanted to share something unique into this business domain. The team started working on their first Filipino restaurant project in 2013 with a vision to make a noteworthy restaurant. Their goal was to establish a well-known brand which offer cuisines unique from that of its competitors.

hot palayok

Diners can find only the finest and more representative dishes from the Filipino and Pan-Asian cuisine. Hot Palayok Restaurant LLC is the live musical treat and karaoke experience that will take dining to a completely new level.

Contact: Hot Palayok Restaurant LLC Behind ADCB Metro Station Corner of 39th Street and 6C Street Next street of Fortune Karama Hotel Wasl Hub, Al Karama Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 221 9797 Web:

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