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Healthy Food Delivery Service Ingfit Uae Launches Keto Products

Healthy food delivery service ingfit UAE launches Keto products

Being at home is the right thing to do, it definitely gets challenging to stay fit and keep a watch on your diet.

But, the top health food delivery services in the UAE has launched a brand-new assorted range of products that are great and everything required to plan and keep healthy, or even try to lose weight right now. Good diet and exercise is essential, and ingfit – the UAE’s largest low-carb community – is now delivering truly healthy products and produce across the country, with a brand-new range of keto products recently added into the mix.

Clients can simply swap bread and traditional carbs out for a whole bunch of alternatives so as to help #stayhome and #stayhealthy. Right from low-carb pasta, to easy keto-friendly bread mixtures and pizza bases –ingfit is helping people follow a low-carb diet. All the diet food prepared allows all to enjoy healthy and tasty preparations.

As well as products targeting those who follow the keto diet, there are a range of foods, snacks, supplements and more designed for an overall healthy approach to life. One can order keto cheesecakes, paleo cauli rice, organic oils, vegan treats, gluten-free breads and diabetic-friendly chocolate. Ingfit is planned and run by nutritionists and health professionals who only deal with clean ingredients, no added sugars, no harmful oils – only low GI, healthy sweeteners.

The below website offers the entire range of products available, and delivery in the current state is between two and three days.

For more information, and to place an order, please visit

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