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Food Sheikh All-Stars

Brought to you by Food Sheikh, a new platform that can get dishes from some of Dubai’s most well-known chefs delivered right to your door. The new online concept delivers dishes from chefs such as Reif Othman and Tom Arnel.

No need to leave the couch, get the exclusive menu available for you to choose from. All chefs who’s dishes feature on the menu include Chef Omar Rodriguez, Chef Anuar Akmal, Chef Liz Stevenson, Chef Mohamad Orfali, Chef Greg Malouf completing the All Star line up are Stasha Toncev and Chef Urosh Mitrasinovic. Dishes on the menu include 4 Hour Beef Ribs by

Food Sheikh All-Stars


food sheikh

Hours: Open Daily: 11:30 – 23:30

Contact: FoodSheikh All Stars Created by Julie Sol Creative Co. Tel.: +971 4 270 6909 e-mail: Web:

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