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Emirates Travelers Festival 2018

Emirates Travelers’ Festival 2018

Date: 19 Dec – 22 Dec 2018 Duration: 4 days Category: Community, Family, Live Entertainment Ticket price : Free Admission

An event

that allows one to get inspired by tales of travel, adventure and bravery in the appropriate surroundings of Mushrif Park, with the seventh edition of the Emirates Travelers’ Festival. People can visit the park for four nights of lectures, films and an exhibition of travel photos. This is a space for a large gathering, where adventurers and explorers visit from all over the world. This festival celebrates their experiences and stories from epic journeys across oceans and continents.

The gathering pays homage to the great Emirati tradition of story-telling. People can hear first hand about the exploits of adventures completed in cars, boats, motorbikes, on camels and horseback. Under The Patronage of His

Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council the fifth edition of the Dubai Travelers Festival will be held at the Mushrif Park this December.

Visitors will get to meet and greet a large number of international travellers, many of who have made substantial achievements and broken world records during their travels. These adventurers have traversed the globe by many means including cars, boats and motorcycles and even on camels or on horseback. Also a part of this mega festival are the workshops and contests along with the seminars and photography exhibitions.

The Dubai Traveler’s Festival, the largest gathering of adventurers and explores in the world, who meet annually to celebrate their experiences and stories from their journey’s across oceans and continents.  

Dubai Travelers Festival came to life in 2012 under the patronage of his Highness the Crowne Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoom, and has been held annually since in Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Travelers Festival  offers a stage for seasoned adventurers can share their experiences with visitors. Their stories of the summits they’ve completed, the oceans they’ve crossed, and the various dangers of the jungles they’ve struggled with wild-animals, and the long roads they travelled are inspiring . People begin to discover more of the world around and look at the different ways that people live on this planet.

Aref Al Suwaidi, Deputy Festival Director says that Dubai Travelers Festival belongs to each and every person who contributes year after year, from all over the world and adds individual contributions towards creating an all new aspect to the fest. The team constantly analyzes the festival and adapts its function and encourages talks about it that continue to be the best it can be. Dubai Travelers Festival is ready to accept new ideas and still remains faithful to its history. Diversity enriches the entire experience and makes the Dubai Travelers Festival a festival for all.

For more information please visit:

Hours: Daily – 16:00

Contact: Mushrif Park Al Khawaneej Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 288 3624 Web:


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