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Emirates Nation Brand Tree Planting Campaign Underway

Emirates’ Nation Brand Tree Planting Campaign Underway

Nation Brand Pledge to Plant 10.6 Million Trees Goes Ahead Despite Pandemic; First Million Trees Planted


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The long-standing planting projects will carry much-needed stability and continuity to rural communities in both Nepal and Indonesia, with over a million trees already planted.

“We promised to plant a tree for every vote received from people selecting from the three candidate logos for the Emirates’ new Nation Brand as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for their contribution,” said Alia Al Hammadi, AssistantDirector-Generalat the Public Diplomacy Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future. “We’re making good that promise despite the difficult situation the world faces right now.”

In fact, the planting campaigns will not just make the world a greener place, but grant much-needed employment in both of the areas where planting is taking place, the rural communities of Amaltaari in Nepal and Numfoor Island in Indonesia. At Amaltaari, 200,000 tropical and sub-tropical trees are being planted throughout a 104 square kilometre site, while planting at Numfoor will witness some 433,000 propagules per month being organized and planted by a team of 200 staff. The ultimate objective at Numfoor is to plant 10.4 million mangroves.

“These projects are important, not only because they provide valuable environmental benefits, but because they provide employment to rural communities,” said Dr. Stephen Fitch, founder and CEO of the Emirates’ Nation Brand’s planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects. “Not only in planting, but in long-term husbandry and protection roles. We provide education, resources and long-term funding to ensure that we don’t just plant trees, but nurture and protect them and the communities around them.”


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At Numfoor Island, plantation process has begun in April 2020 and will continue for 24 months until the end of March 2022, while at Amaltaari a nursery has been constructed to grow seedlings, which will be planted commencing with the rainy monsoon season in June 2020 through to September 2020. Throughout the nursery construction phase, and indeed throughout the project at both locations, social distancing, handwashing and other safety procedures are being observed in order that work can continue without fear of infection from COVID-19.

“We are pleased and proud that we have been able to go ahead with our planting projects as originally envisaged and scheduled, making good on our promise to the people who helped to choose our nation brand and marking this campaign by doing good for the world around us,” said Alia Al Hammadi.

More information on the work of Eden Reforestation Projects can be found at

About the Emirates Nation Brand: Created with the imagination and brainwave of various creative minds of the nation, with over 10 million online votes cast to select a new logo for The Emirates, the Emirates Nation Brand is the foundation of our nation’s story; the fundamental belief that underpins all of our historic achievements and our future ambitions. As a nation, we suppose that the ‘Impossible is possible’ through a combination of clear vision, unwavering determination and open corporation. With these values, the team can all achieve anything they want for their nation, region, and the world at large.

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