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Dubai Kave


An eco-friendly

 upcycling café – KAVE is 100 percent plastic-free, and with sustainability. The unique concept is exceptional and the warehouse is homed in also hosts a number of workshops, including guitar making, meditation sessions, bottle cutting workshops, laughing yoga and even bike customisation. Participants can explore the workshops and join the classes. A pleasure of up-cycling, one can accomplish with patience and focus. Learn the art of turning glass bottles into cups, vases and lighting fixtures. Learn about upcycling clothes and other fabric and extending their lease on life or take a stroll in the city on a Charicycle. Enjoy an organized ride and explore the city at just the right pace.


menu at KAVE is cool as it is titled ‘Fill Me Pho’, it’s uncomplicated and indicates as it is. Diners can choose between either a rice bowl that is served with vegetables, chicken or beef and a choice of teriyaki, peanut butter or coconut curry sauce), or Vietnamese pho with either vegetables, chicken or beef in a vegetable or beef broth. The vegitable pho is served with mismatched chopsticks. It’s topped with chilli, bean sprouts, edamame, lime, mushrooms, pickled ginger and raw bok choy leaves draped on the side of the bowl. The broth is mild and can be pepped with chilli, lime and pickled ginger that gives it a much needed kick. It’s light and fresh and for Dhs25 a bowl, it’s reasonably priced too.

The cafe

owners are aware that for many doggies are considered as babies and clients are welcome to visit along with them. The furry friends can take them everywhere. Kave is open to the kindest souls on this planet. But, just as people would be with the children, clients must ensure they are polite and not bothering any other guests with their cute looks.

Kave is an upcycled cafe with 95% of the wood used to build it has been salvaged from different places. They use up-cycled glassware that one can purchase and utensils that are kind to the environment. They advise people to bring their own cup to reduce unnecessary waste and bring more good energy to the world.


Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 21:00

Sun: Closed

Contact: KAVE Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 20 Dubai, Al Quoz, 4 17th St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 55 102 4469 e-mail: Web:

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