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Digitalks To Roll Out Impressive Line Up Of Speakers

Digitalks to Roll Out Impressive Line-up of Speakers

The event will gather reputed

experts from leading brands to share insights about customer-facing digital experiences. To be held in January 24th, 2018 in Novotel WTC, Dubai, UAE – Digitalks is known as Middle East’s first digitally-focused conference series that is all set to showcase its inspiring line-up of well-known thought leaders. Coming up with the theme of “The Rising e-commerce Trends in the Middle East,” attendees will be discussing the latest trends and solutions that are going to help them compete and win in present dynamic digital environment.

The conference is also going to bring together a large number of industry experts from innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and digital experts to address the next level of the digital revolution.

Confirmed for keynote presentations are:

• Sofiane Haddadi, Head of Media at L’Oréal • Amol Kadam, Co-Founder of RBBi • Mohammed Sajjad Director of e-commerce/Digital and Omni Channel at eXtra • Heba AlSamt, Digital Media Director of TV & Radio at DMI (Dubai Media Inc.) • Jon Myer, Chief Growth Officer at DeepCrawl

“I am thrilled to confirm such an impressive list of speakers,” said Naguib Toihiri, organiser of the conference & Head of Marketing at RBBi. “Digitalks is a unique professional platform for experts across the region to exchange ideas, discuss key challenges, and find progressive solutions. We want to see it grow into regular digitally-focused conference series that will help the industry connect better on various levels and implement the best practices faster”.

“Digital transformation has been a top priority in the global economy for many years now – with varying effects and levels of success for individual markets, industries, companies and consumers,” added Sofiane Haddadi, Head of Media at L’Oréal Middle East. “Digitalks is one of the first local initiatives enforcing itself to support and accelerate the digital transformation through knowledge sharing, and I am proud to be one of the speaker supporting our industry in the Middle East.”

The impressive line-up of speakers is all set to will provide impetus and give rise to new ideas while fostering creativity and innovations to enable successful business outcomes.

Main discussions will cover such topics as: • How to optimise your digital assets for an omnichannel e-commerce strategy • Principles of UX in creating a seamless user experience, in a competitive marketplace • How to leverage your data to increase your return on marketing investment • The state and evolution of social media for e-commerce in the MENA region • SEO best practices in the e-commerce space to drive performance and boost ROI • Whether you are in banking, designing or simply interested in learning from the region’s top digital marketers, DIGITALKS is the event for you! • Anyone working in the ecommerce ecosystem is welcome to attend the region’s first ever Digital Marketing conference.

The event is useful for all those who are in banking, designing or simply interested in learning from the region’s top digital marketers, DIGITALKS is the event for them all!

People who are working in the ecommerce ecosystem is welcome to attend the region’s first ever Digital Marketing conference. DIGITALKS is the MENA’s very first ever digital marketing conference of its kind! Visitors can meet experts and thought-leaders alike and take advantage by networking and mingling with professionals from a number of verticals. With various events in the region around this industry E-commerce has become a critical aspect to business with an online presence and startups alike. People can kick off the year with an intriguing overview of the state of the industry in the Middle East. DIGITALKS is proud to announce ‘Digital Revolution Occurring Among E-commerce Platforms’ as the theme of this conference.

For more information on the agenda, registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

Hours: 08:30 to 12:30

Contact: Novotel WTC Al Sa’ada Street, Trade Centre Near Trade Centre Metro Station Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 332 0000 Web:

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