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Creating The Future Through Meaningful Connections At Dubai Expo 2020

Creating the Future through Meaningful Connections at Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai with its theme, ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ hopes to bridge the gaps, collect useful information that can be used for innovation, and unite different nations through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.


Anyone can participate in this expo. It opened last October 2021 and will last until March 2022. From organizations to 192 participating nations, you’ll be engulfed in unique architecture, culture, and inspiring innovations. Truly, Dubai demonstrates global innovation and inspiration to encompass global challenges.

Dubai’s Expo is a maze with vast of opportunities. Due to the numerous entangled exhibitions, the Expo is divided into three districts: the Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, each have remarkable mega and country pavilions.


The three districts have their own pavilions that extend various wonderful experiences to guests of the Expo. At Sustainability District, Terra Pavilion is themed to make nature and technology combine. Plant-based restaurants are located at Terra with rooftop bar, overlooking the whole Expo site.

The Mobility District is where Alif Pavilion is located. Its movement theme is imprinted in every corner. Seveeral cafes also comfort guests, especially those who wanted to explore mobility innovations. One restaurant is concentrated into bringing out the essence of the theme, as its ingredients are sourced at areas that can be found along the silk route.

Finally, do not forget to stop at Mission Possible, the main pavilion of the Opportunity District. You can start or end your day on a good note, which can be exuded from the varying stories of food and drink producers at the Mission Possible. A working space is also dedicated to those who want to unleash their creativity and catch that opportunity.


If you are a fan of Australian landscape, you can visit the Australian Pavilion of the Mobility District. You may explore the innovative presentation of Australian astronomy. Bostwana Pavilion confers extraordinary journey engineered with VR and 4D experiences. Lastly, at this district, you can never miss out a touch of Korean culture. The Republic of Korea Pavilion offers a guided-tour to its most creative architecture.

Do not miss too the Switzerland Pavilion at the Opportunity District! This similarly allows guests to experience a world in a VR mode. The Monaco Pavilion is a home of kaleidoscopic garden. Finally, the UK Pavilion is worth as an ending destination of your expo experience. Its stunning exterior and AI sculpture make guest seek for futuristic ideals.

In delivering successful world expo, Dubai’s Expo sees the importance collaboration between brands and companies that delve on different industries. From food and beverage, hospitality management, multimedia, to travel, all especially shown enormous support to hold the event.


In this year’s Expo, ASEAN, Fazaa, Muslim World, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Arab Emirates University, and World Expo Museum, are all located at Mobility District. On the other hand, African Union, Dubai Cares, Gulf Cooperation Council, and League of Arab States, are stationed at the Opportunity District.

Look up for the calendar of activities of Expo 2020 Dubai and mark the highlights so you will not miss half of your life. Each week, special performances, parades and surprises will be around at every corner of the site.

To grasp the concept of how Canada sustained biodiversity inside the cities, an exhibition called Canada’s National Heritage Places is witnessed by guests with interests in sustainability. In this exhibition, Canada exposed the relevance of preserving natural and cultural heritage through integrating parks inside the city, and keeping the harmony between concepts and people with historical relevance, indigenous culture, and the modern inception of technology.

25 chefs are invited to produce nine courses. Guests may book their reservations to experience the exquisite meal inspired by gold. This transpires at 50-hands dinner at Jubilee Gastronomy.

Guests and participants are encouraged to quickly drop their business to relax and enjoy the performance of Twoshields Production Company’ group of Native American singers, musicians, dancers and performers at a Native American Group Performance. This event is one of the most sought as the group is set to travel and conduct a world tour.

Manuel Linan is a well-known director, choreographer and a dancer, who is set to perform the Con-vivencias or Co-experiences at the Earth Stage. Traditional dance is designed to be performed at a bizarre setting, to be joined by David Carpio at a Flamenco performance.

Bekzod Abduraimov is a young pianist with exceptional talent from Uzbekistan. Winning the London International Piano Competition at such a young age reserved the performer a ticket and privilege in rendering musical performance Expo 2020.

More than social, technological, and economic solutions to global problems, the Expo 2020 integrates events that create impressive memories to guests. UAE Golden Jubilee, Theme Weeks, Innovation and Technology, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Food and Livelihoods, Sports, fitness and well-being, Architecture, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Education programs, are all events shall engrave wonderful experiences to the guests and participants, which will make them excited for the next expo events.

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