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Cove Dubai

Cove Dubai

A place to eat, drink and be fabulous

, Cove Dubai is the first Middle Eastern venue of the famous Italian pasticceria (cake shop), all set to open in February 2018. The venue is spectacular, born as a literary café at the corner of Piazza della Scala, Cova was famous as one of the most important historical openings of the era.

This fashionable café was for patriots of the Risorgimento, Cova hosted the élite, high society. Featuring only lavish interiors and rich furnishings, the place was a sophisticated place visited by intellectuals, the bourgeoisie and aristocratic society. Cova’s growth was linked to the history of the glamourous city, whereby it has now become the iconic jewel and mainstay.

Cova Dubai is going to be situated in the new fashion district (naturally) of The Dubai Mall, with a terrace overlooking the Dubai Fountain, and its interiors are exquisite. The branch in Dubai – the bicentenary of the birth, the Cova confectionery enhances another piece to the network of sales.

The shop will offer traditional Milanese desserts thanks to the terrace overlooking Burj Khalifa, the symbol of the city. The historical confectionery of the Quadrilatero della Moda, from 2013 part of the French group Lvmh, continues the expansion towards the East started in 1994 and that has led it to “colonize” Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. Tastefully designed with mosaic tiles, beneath velvet sofas, spectacular crystal chandeliers, mirrors and Italian marble. The experience will be enhanced with delicious food. The world-famous Cova panettone recipe had been guarded since the beginning of the 19th century and has been passed secretly from generation to generation.

Founded in 1817, Cova is a globally-recognised brand and an institution that “celebrates tailored craftsmanship and creativity in its confectionary”.

“We are proud to offer a touch of Italian tradition to Dubai,” says Paola Faccioli, CEO of Cova. “Our heritage, history and exceptional products are more than two centuries old.

“The location is spell binding as stunning as much as the one in Milan, right in the middle of the luxury shopping district.

Cova has 27 locations around the world, including the latest opening in Monte Carlo.

Contact: Cova Milano The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 438 4134 Web:

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