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one-stop shop for any party, Cocoville caters to a small child’s birthday to a corporate event. With their own event space, the team can provide dream party, dinner, cocktail within the privacy clients require. The team can plan and manage events from the first delectable appetizer, the rentals and the beverages.

They can style and work on the décor along with preparing a sumptuous meal, friendly and impeccable service, and full clean up and every other aspect clients require. They have their full time event planner to help get through the whole process of planning special events.

Cocoville is in the business of manufacturing chocolates. Their primary focus is to locally manufacture premium chocolates and its by-products. The taste, quality and uniqueness of the chocolates are exclusive. A UAE homegrown brand, Cocoville caters to all segments present today in the UAE marketplace. As a local brand, Cocoville hads a better understanding of local tastes and benefits from stronger community ties and cultural identities, resulting in an additional competitive edge.

Cocoville produces perishable products and

so they follow a  rigorous quality control measures at every level. Starting from the selection of the raw materials to the cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing, Cocoville ensures that no deviations are made in the process and all parameters are stringently met. The directive for high quality extends to the packing and dispatching of the product where everything is carefully considered, from the wrapper quality to the final packaging and sealing.

Operating as an LLC, Cocoville was launched in 2013 by Aysha Al Hashimi, Managing Partner, with its first venue in the trendy neighborhood of Jumeira III, Dubai, UAE. With the high turnover in the gourmet chocolate industry, Cocoville soon opened a second location. Launched on January 2016 in Jumeira I and introduces the concept of coffee-house. The new location also consists of a larger production kitchen, as to supply the growing demand of chocolate products in the local and international markets.

Cocoville has 7,000

square feet area with a seating capacity of up to 60 guests, the shop offers guests chocolate fantasy experience, as they view the chocolate-making through a glass window. The location incorporates a retail area where guests can purchase the company’s popular gift sets and other chocolate treats. The company has a dedicated wrapping section is available for customers to choose and watch their favorite chocolates being packaged.

Cocoville takes chocolate orders and visitors can wait while enjoying table service of delicacies from the new menu offerings. Breakfast and also an all day light menu is also introduced at the new location making this a whole day experience occasion.

Contact: Cocoville 51st Street, Jumeira 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates Tel.: +971 4 338 9786 e-mail: Web:

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