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Chic Nonna Dubai

Chic Nonna Dubai


chic nonna

Diners can soon enjoy top views of the Dubai skyline and Burj Khalifa, Chic Nonna coming to DIFC is the latest addition to the elite gourmet restaurants.

An exceptional setting, this chic location uses the Italian touches and embraces the metropolitan city. Guests will be offered a unique experience in a relaxed atmosphere and ultimate modernity. Chic Nonna Dubai is a two-storey Osteria gourmet and Lounge located where diners can taste dishes that are perfect combination of traditional recipes with innovative specials.


chic nonna

At Chic Nonna an “à la carte” menu and an assorted range of tasting experiences with wine matching will be and always available, both in the dining room and in a separate lounge area. Guests will be able to pick their choice of vintage wine from the wine cellar, curated by their Head Sommelier,

chic nonna

New Italian restaurant Chic Nonna to open in DIFC expect Italian dishes with an international twist. The upper floor of the upscale venue will have space for get-togethers, with cosy sofas, DJ booth and a Lounge Bar that has been designed to create a welcoming atmosphere until late hours.

Get ready to plan an evening at this elite Italian restaurant – Chic Nonna at the end of this year!

Contact: Chic Nonna Dubai Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. e-mail: Web:


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