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Camel Racing At Al Marmoom

Camel Racing at Al Marmoom

Date: 15 Jan – 17 Jan 2019 Category: Community, Family, Sports Ticket price: Free


who are looking to experience an authentic display of Emirati heritage, this year’s camel racing season is the perfect opportunity to witness a centuries-old tradition. This nail-biting competition is the latest championship series that has returned to Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack with race sessio

As the case for any country, there must be heritage and traditional sports that are passed down from a generation to the next and each country preserve and maintain at any cost.

The Thoroughbred Racing Camels is one of that traditional and heritage sport, practiced by the forefathers and ancestors in the United Arab

Emirates and other Arabian peninsula countries. Camel racing is enjoyed and still enjoys the patronage of the rulers of the country and a great interest among the UAE citizens. Camel racing is said to be very popular activity among UAE community members. Camel racing has been carried out in the UAE for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in the society. Made its place in the history, they create interest in children about the Arab tradition, and develops the sense of belonging among them and to engage with the heritage and environment.

The sport of camel racing has spread and stretch in most of the United Arab Emirates, even the small villages and the rural desert areas, there are over fifteen camel racing tracks spread around the UAE, located on the outskirts of the cities. The sport of camel racing has also begun to have considerable interest and importance even in

European countries. Successful races were organized and sponsored by the UAE Camel Racing Federation during the last two decades in both Germany and Australia. The success of those races motivates original Arabian heritage sport the international and universal placement. This make this popular sport not just efficient to a high level Dubai and other Emirates enjoy. This popular Arabic game gets its international status. Dubai’s camel racing season attracts droves of skilled camel riders from all over the world who are in competition for coveted titles and valuable prizes. The stakes get higher each year with breeds trained and bred for high-endurance racing competing against evenly matched opponents in a display of impressive stamina and majesty.

DubaiCRC is

a social and community sport foundation, inspired by camel races in terms of preparation, organization, continuity and constantly improvement and development.

Interested visitors must call a day in advance to confirm the races and saddle up to cheer on a sport deeply integrated into local traditions.


06:30 & 14:30

Contact: Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack Dubai – Al Ain Road, Al Marmoom Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 832 6526, +971 55 676 0006 Web:

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