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Butcha Steakhouse And Grill

Butcha Steakhouse and Grill

Butcha Steakhouse and Grill


The venue is spacious and designed with urban and industrial details that makes it stylish and modern. The menu offers wagyu and dry-aged options for almost all cuts, plus burgers and sliders, as well as plates with an Turkish twist, such as a lokum burger and sojouk. The 220g cut of tenderloin steak is well made with butter, full of flavour, with sea salt and smoky char adding flavour. Reasonably priced, it’s not just delicious but one of the best offers sampled in Dubai. The side dishes are extraordinary, with a well made steak.

Butcha Steakhouse and




Contact: Butcha Steakhouse and Grill JBR Beach, Near Sofitel Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 553 0684 Web:

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