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Atmosfire Dubai

Atmosfire Dubai


an exciting new leading edge, Atmosfire is a contemporary Barbeque and Open Fire Pit restaurant concept. This place globally sources meats and poultry that are cooked in front of the diner.

Guests can look forward to experiencing the exceptional taste of the world’s finest meats, all of which are meticulously prepared by Atmosfire’s PIT Master and his crew of Fire Chefs. The meat is aged onsite to specialist standard and then grilled and roasted to perfection. The smell of burning woods and delectable, seasoned, aged cooked meats create an inviting treat for diners. People can dig in irresistible culinary experience, that is unique to Dubai. The team wanted to build a barbecue pit restaurant inspired by traditional colonial techniques that are of the standard seen all over the world. The complete carnivore’s paradise is here at AtmosFire.

Meat lovers can have three choices; one to explore

The Pit barbecue pit, their special Market List selections that vary day to day and their Market Lunch – a lighter version of Market List with scrumptious barbecue meats, salad varieties and tempting desserts. Their menus vary according to supplier as they source from diverse farms all across the globe. Beginning their AtmosFire culinary journey with a “A Taste of What’s To Come” diners can enjoy their delicious starter menu with a choice of smoked lamb with ember roasted pineapple and chili salsa, charred grouper with dressed cucumber, sticky black Angus rib with hot pepper salsa, red prawns a la plancha, fried quail with green peppercorn and ginger syrup and a lot more! Guests can indulge in experiencing the delightful taste of the world’s finest meats; Devonshire black Angus tomahawk cutlets, whole rump of 5 year Welsh mutton, saddle and rack of suckling black face lamb, whole Persian guinea fowl, tempting steak cuts and lots more. The collective smell of specially selected burning woods and delectable, seasoned, aged cooked meats create an appealing culinary experience, rather unique to Dubai.


ith popular recipes in England and Persia dating from the 11th century, enticing Shrubs, also known as Sekanjabin are freshly prepared in small batches by AtmosFire’s own mixologists. Visitors can choose red berries, gooseberry, cherry, rhubarb and pomegranate, fermented for up to two weeks with honey, sugars, vinegar and aromatics, they truly enhance the delicious flavour of Atmosfire’s offerings.

As soon as visitors enter AtmosFire restaurant they can see the spectacular sight of massive brick brazier spanning floor to high ceiling, taking centre stage and serving as the focal point of the entire space. The striking open fire barbecue pit has guests feel entertained and as much a part of the culinary action as they spectate their carnivore feast being prepared.

AtmosFire Barbecue Pit restaurant is a lot more than just food – it’s a 6000 plus sq ft sophisticated, yet contemporary, dining destination, thoughtfully designed for the hip Millennial generation. This place is for meat lovers who want to witness cooking stations and provide an Instagram story to share their memorable moments with others. AtmosFire completes carnivore’s paradise that has been created with a lot of passion for serving good food.


12:00 – 24:00

Contact: Atmosfire Dubai Opposite Sega World, Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Sequim 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 56 665 2226, +971 4 321 1007 Web:

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