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Anonymous Donor Pledges 250 000 Meals To The 10 Million Meals Campaign

Anonymous donor pledges 250,000 meals to the ’10 million meals’ campaign

The Dh2 million donation supports UAE’s biggest food distribution drive amid coronavirus outbreak. Anonymous donor had pledged 250,000 meals to the ‘10 million meals’ campaign. The financial and in-kind donations are received through website, SMS, bank transfer and call center.

An anonymous donor has pledged 250,000 meals, worth Dh2 million, to the UAE’s biggest food distribution drive that aims to support families and individuals affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The ’10 million meals’ campaign was launched on Sunday and enables to individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions to donate towards providing meals and food parcels to low-income individuals and families across the country throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

The donor, who requested to remain anonymous, said, “The UAE’s journey of giving never stops and it continues to give us so much. The ’10 million meals’ campaign is our opportunity to help and support others in these difficult times that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak brought to the world socially and economically.”

The donor also mentioned, “Feeding the hungry reflects the humanitarian values that the UAE has established in us. The leaders of UAE are role models we follow in

There are four ways to donate: Individuals and entities can make financial or in-kind donations to provide food assistance to people in need as part of the ’10 million meals’ campaign. Donors can purchase a preferred number of meals online at to be distributed to disadvantaged individuals and families across the country. They can also donate via SMS (Etisalat and Du) to numbers listed on the website. Donors can make a transfer to ’10 million meals’ campaign bank account at Dubai Islamic Bank with IBAN no.:AE430240001580857000001. For in-kind contributions, donors have the chance to provide packaged or canned food supplies or arrange food parcels for distribution through directly contacting the campaign’s organizing team on the toll-free number 8004006.

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