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Anada Sports Academy Presents The Dubai African Football Cup Celebrating World Africa Day 1

Anada Sports Academy Presents the Dubai African Football Cup: Celebrating World Africa Day 2023

Updated: Jan 17

The Tournament

The Showcase of Skills

The Host

The Excitement Lastly, the anticipation builds and the countdown to the Dubai African Football Cup begins. Players and football enthusiasts from all corners of the continent are invited to come together and celebrate the rich footballing heritage of Africa. Join us as we witness an extraordinary display of skill, determination, and teamwork. It embraces the spirit of unity and camaraderie that defines African football. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this momentous event. Whether you are a player, a supporter, or simply someone who appreciates the beautiful game. The Dubai African Football Cup promises two days of intense competition, unforgettable moments, and a celebration of African football at its finest. Website:

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