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All Emirates Airlines Lounges To Reopen Again

All Emirates Airlines Lounges To Reopen Again

The Dubai airport is finally fully operational! Emirates, which has resumed operations to over 90 percent of its pre-pandemic network, flies to more than 120 destinations worldwide via its hub in Dubai. It is good news that 20 airport lounges across the network of Emirates Airlines have been reopened amid a travel demand upsurge! People can now get back to travel to explore, may it be for business, leisure, or vacation.

We can never deny the value and importance of travel. As you journey into new environments, you are unlocking worlds that you would have never been exposed to. This is just one of its advantages! You also acquaint yourself with people of diverse cultures and unique lifestyles.

Perks of Flying with Emirates Airline

*Savor delicious Gourmet with premium beverages four hours prior to departure -vegan, vegetarian, and healthier options matched to passenger’s preference

*Wi-fi– catch up with families and friends through social media, check emails, or browse the internet for needed information

At Dubai airport, eligible Skywards members and premium class customers can enjoy premium lounge services at five of Emirates’ dedicated lounges. Along with First Class passengers, the Skyward members also have complimentary access for the first passenger and up to three additional guests, including one adult and two children under 17.

Emirates’ First Class and Business Class Lounges in Concourse A have also resumed operations in the East Wing and, in the West Wing. Plans are also to be made in opening two Lounges in Concourse C by early next year.

So, there you have it! Get ready, pack your bags, and set your foot forward for another memorable trip in your life! May prosperity and good health come your way as another year is about to start! Safe travels!

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