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Alhamidieh Restaurant

AlHamidieh Restaurant

An Arabic

restaurant, AlHamidieh Restaurant is well-known for serving the best Arabic dishes in UAE. The restaurant provides a variety of legendary meals that attract people from different communities to enjoy delicious Arabian Dishes.

AlHamidieh offers fabulous Arabian food in Dubai; it presents various kinds of Arabic breakfast dishes that foodies desire. Creating interest and the oriental mood, AlHamidieh is recognized with the delectable daily lunch meals distinct with exceptional flavour. AlHamidieh Restaurant allows one to live at the ambience of Arabian golden ages. Clients enjoy their meals at AlHamidieh Restaurant combined with the oriental romantic mood.

The famous restaurant became popular and was derived by the authentic recipes, specialty dishes that were offered from diverse regions of Arab states.

Many chefs are employed at the restaurant; each one specializes in a regional cuisine. The prepared dishes are served in a traditional manner by using the appropriate authentic utensils to offer the best food quality. One of the best Arabic restaurant in United Arab Emirates, their entire team works to offer the romance of old world Arabian hospitality, as part of a relaxed, modern dining experience. AlHamidieh Restaurant is famous as the ambience and authentic Syrian cuisine.

AlHamidieh Restaurant was founded in 2012. This Arabic Restaurant in Dubai offers a dining experience perfect for a unique, interactive dining experience that creates memorable moments with family and friends. Right from the bread to dessert, every dish is savored. The word of “AlHamidieh ” is delivered from souk AlHamidieh which is a famous ancient market in Damascus that brings focus

on the inveterate Damascenes’ traditions. AlHamidieh is a luxury restaurant in Dubai; it is one of its kind dinning- destination in UAE with magnificent interior which sets up an authentic cultural space for diners to explore the aromatic gastronomy of the Arab Word.

AlHamidieh Dubai is one of their many opened branches worldwide in order to reach for all Arabian food lovers.

Contact: AlHamidieh Restaurant 8 Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 454 1005 Web:

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