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Al Jadeed Bakery

Al Jadeed Bakery

Famous as

one of the leading bakeries in United Arab Emirates, Al Jadeed Bakery is headquartered in Dubai.

The bakery was established as a small bakeshop with manual preparation and baking, named Dubai Automatic Bakery in 1967. Al Jadeed Bakery LLC was operational in 1979 considering the modernization in the bakery industry with new machines to cater the demand of the market. Al Jadeed Bakery has enhanced their manufacturing process over the years, but they still strive to bring the highest quality ingredients sourced from Europe, Canada and Australia, heathiest breads and savory bites artistically prepared by their craftsmen.

Al Jadeed Bakery 

has their production facility in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. They cater the market with freshness of their products with wide distribution network covering all across UAE along with the trading business by distribution of bakery ingredients to other bakery companies in UAE. With an outreach spread all over the emirates and equipped with a fleet of 120 vehicles they make sure the delivery is made in time. During the last 50 years the team had the honor of serving people of UAE and we have witnessed many changes in their business and in the world. The company has faced good times and some challenging years, through it all, however, a lot continues to remain steady and unchanged at Al Jadeed Bakery.

Al Jadeed

Bakery has a reputation for top quality eats that has evolved constantly with diverse products through moral principles while providing paramount importance to the customer needs.

Al Jadeed Bakery offers some main specialities that make them popular. Tasty and delicious, fresh and natural, the chefs offer treats to all. The company has free delivery available and can prepare orders for a large event or family gathering.

Hours: Sat to Thurs: 09:00 – 18:00 Fri : Closed

Contact: Al Jadeed Bakery L.L.C – Dubai office Dubai – United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box: 10603 Tel.: +971 4 335 6623, +971 4 266 6615 Fax: +971 4 266 0811 e-mail: Web:

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