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Al Hannouneh Society For Popular Culture Concert

Al Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture Concert

Date: 26 Jan 2019 Category: Live Entertainment, Community Ticket price: AED75 Admission: 19:00

Al Hannouneh

is a popular and one of the most esteemed traditional folklore societies in the Arab world. Created in 1993 as a cultural response to the threat of the loss of identity among Palestinian youth, Al Hannouneh has dedicated itself to preserving the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people both in Palestine and in the diaspora.

The society is driven to teach and train the youth about their own cultural heritage. They promote their legacy through dabke dance, Arabic music and dramatic choreography that states the Palestinian narrative through artistic expression. Al Hannouneh also function as a cultural society that preserves craft forms such as traditional dress embroidery with its many creative variations that are based on village of origin.

This 26 January, American University of Dubai (AUD) is all set to host a concert by the Al Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture. Established in 1993, the community serves to preserve the cultural heritage of

Palestinian people and has since become one of the most esteemed folklore groups in the Arab World. Through artistic craft and music, Al Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture protects and promotes Palestinian traditions across the world.

Visitors can expect an inspiring evening of immersive music, captivating dance and dynamic storytelling at American University in Dubai auditorium, which offers audiences a state-of-the-art viewing experience.

Contact: American University in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Rd Tel.: +971 4 399 9000 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Web:

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