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Al Barza Restaurant Café

Al Barza Restaurant & Café

Al Barza

Restaurant & Café is distinctive in featuring the authentic Emirati heritage within an ambience of simplicity, functionality and sophistication.

Al Barza caters to the desires of Emirati food lovers by offering them numerous varieties that span from the traditional to more adventurous, including an assortment of main dishes such as Jasheed, Majboos, Thareed and many more.

Clients visit the restaurant to taste camel milk in some hot beverages, also the “Khaleeji latte” that consists of Turkish coffee with milk”. Along with that, Al Barza offers an exceptional breakfast experience through the prominent Emirati breakfast dishes such as the Balaleet (sweet vermicelli)

and the beloved Emirati delights as well for deserts, all prepared by master-chef and bakers.

Grand opening was on December 9, 2014 under the patronage & Presence of H.E. Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, President of the Federal National Council, & attended by a number of dignitaries, businessmen and members of the press; in addition to Emirati cuisine lovers who enjoyed the taste of delicious traditional dishes presented in a modern style. The ceremony had included traditional Dabke performances, which is an Arab folk dance commonly performed by men at weddings and joyous occasions, along with the tradition tent cooking setup displaying the Bedouin heritage.

The name “Al Barza” which means “ A gathering place”,

symbolizes the goal of the restaurant to be the top destination for people looking to try the Emirati traditional food presented in a contemporary way. Al Barza Restaurant & Café provides its visitors the opportunity to choose between the indoor seating, which includes 32 seats and the outdoor area, which can accommodate 73 seats on the spectacular wrap around garden. The restaurant is located in Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, next to Emirates NBD branch.

Contact: Al Barza Restaurant & Café Jumeirah 1, Beach Road Opposite side of Dubai Zoo Next to Emirates NBD bank Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 343 5910 Fax: +971 4 343 5310 Web:

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