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AçAí Spot Coffee Shop

Açaí Spot Coffee Shop


opened on April 9th, 2015 – The Açaí Spot Coffee Shop comes from the idea to have a cozy and well decorated space specialized in Açaí products. Everybody who enters the coffee shop finds a beautiful environment, in addition to friendly staff and products that are made with care and love.

The Original and Yummy Berry comes from the Amazon Jungle in Brazil and is considered to be one of the healthiest berries in the world. Açaí provides a lot of benefits which are energy boosting, anti-aging, antioxidants and more. The team has created a menu that offers healthy and delicious options. It has all that is good to be healthy. The Açaí Spot is located in Port Saeed, Deira, DIFC, Marina Gate, Al Khawaneej and in Al Sharjah.

Açaí menu includes Açaí bowl and fruit mix along with fresh salads.

They serve healthy sandwiches, delicious drinks, avocado on toast which is a sliced avocado on a bed of fresh mixed leaves with Italian sauce on protein bread. Their croissant sandwich is filled with turkey ham, mozzarella, cream cheese and fresh spinach leaves. Chicken and beets sandwich is homemade beetroot hummus, chicken breast, fresh chopped kale, feta cheese and cucumber on brown toast. Acai spot coffee shot serves tuna sandwich that is a blend of tuna, light mayo, corn, carrot and fresh rocket leaves on brown toast. Cheese buns are homemade traditional Brazilian “pão de queijo”. The team also serves many smoothies such as AÇAÍ smoothie, that has Açaí, banana and fresh cold pressed apple juice. Super Berry has Açaí, combined with berries and low fat milk. Hot Drinks including hot chocolate also fresh coconut water is served. Fresh Juices, mocktails, iced teas, frappés, coffees are delightful.


at Dubai’s Centurion Star Tower The Acai Spot Coffee Shop is just a stone’s throw from Deira City Centre metro station. The Acai Spot Coffee Shop combines tempting flavours with nutritional value, offering a selection of light snacks and drinks. Customers can relish a choice of salads and sandwiches, or opt for a bowl of açaí fruit mix with various toppings.

No reservation needed here. The Acai Spot Coffee Shop is a popular coffee shop and cafe.

Contact: Açaí Spot Coffee Shop The Acai Spot DIFC – Gate Building, Precinct 5 Level 2 – Unit 55 Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 244 8189 Web:

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