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7 Elephants

7 Elephants

7 Elephants

serves the latest trends of their favorite drinks. Diners can tuck into 7 cuisines from the 7 places from the founding traders that come from: Italy, Mexico, Spain, India, Bali, Britain and the Middle East. Their comfort food is inspired by heartwarming traditional dishes. Each plate served at 7 Elephants has a sophisticated, contemporary touch.

Food is delicious and the restaurant includes 7 stock traders from 7 parts of the world who have come to share a vision. They have created a place where like-minded people could get together in the financial hearts of the world’s major cities. They decided to name themselves after ‘elephants’— known universally as an emblem of good fortune, and also for large financial players who generate high volume trades. 7 Elephants debuts in Dubai with exceptional food, epic drinks and an

appealing approach.

7 Elephants has a lavish setting with its plush sofas in pastel shades, high grade polished wooden tables and a lot of jungle greenery. They are guided with a unique concept that is based on seven stock market traders from seven countries who got together to create a bar. The jungle-chic setting is unique; the décor is attractive and gives it a relaxed lounge vibe. The restaurant offers two massive screens showcasing sport. The ambience is also suitable for a large gathering or a family to celebrate their special occasions. Their indoor area opens onto the setting; it’s sparse and looks similar to a corridor in hotel lobby.

The waiters are efficient and are interested in serving clients, they are willing to share more about the menu. Clients can order, certain beverages, by downloading the 7 Elephants stock market app. Prices fluctuate based on demand. Clients can grab great deals adding to a fun experience.

7 Elephants offers a lot many things at once. They have a unique concept and are known for their service. The restaurant is located in DIFC.

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 12:00 – 02:00 Fri – Sat: 16:00 – 02:00

Contact: 7 Elephants 117 Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Web:

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