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Why A Desert Safari Is Worth Experiencing

Why a Desert Safari is Worth Experiencing

First things that come to your mind when you think of Dubai are towering skyscrapers, glamorous marinas, and the shimmering cityscape. And that’s true to an extent. But Dubai is a lot more than that. All these are relatively new to this city which was a desolate settlement around Creek a few decades ago.

But it all started in the deserts. That’s the reason why your Dubai visit will not be complete without exploring the mysterious sands.

What is a desert safari



Evening Desert safari has two main sessions: the dune bashing and camp activities. Dune bashing is loved by every brave soul out there. The thrilling ride up and down the burnt orange colored dunes is stomach-churning and far better than any theme park ride you might live to go for.

In between, we stop at scenic spots surrounded by vast expanses of red dunes. There you can capture stunning pictures against the desert backdrop. And definitely try walking on the sand. Fun fact; it is not easy.

Dunes change every day with the wind. Some get taller, and some others lose a few meters every day. We will look for the tallest of them and stop over there. Those are the best for sandboarding. And the sandboard; we will bring it for you. Strap your feet on to the board and skim down to the bottom of the dunes.

Then comes the camp activities. There are endless opportunities in the camp. Desert campsites are modeled like traditional Bedouin settlements in desert. You get the chance to ride on the sand. They are the desert equivalent of motorcycles. These four-wheeled beasts, also called ATVs, cut through the sands as easy as pie.



The camp comes alive as the sun goes down. At nightfall, the barbecue dinner buffet starts. Relish the taste of luscious Arabic and intercontinental dishes as much as you want. To make it even more exciting and to complete the experience, traditional folk dancers will entertain you with live performances.

The whole safari experience lasts for six to seven hours. After you savor the dinner and feel the desert vibe to your heart’s content, we will return.

If evening desert safari does not fit your schedule, you can opt for other packages. These are the other popular safari packages you can find in Dubai.

Morning desert safari

If you fancy mornings instead of an evening for the adventure, go for Morning desert safari. In the morning safari, there is everything except the camp experience and the dinner. Also, the desert has different auras at different times of the day. So, why not go for both?

But we recommend going for morning safari in the colder months from October to march. If you are in Dubai during the summer, choose evening safari instead.

Dinner in the desert (or Self-drive safari)

Eat outs in restaurants get mundane over time. Self-drive safari is a way to spice up your dinner outing in the desert camp. You can come to the pickup point in the desert in your own car. From there, our safari drivers will pick you up in the 4×4 and take you to the camp. On the way, there will be a short dune bashing ride.

In the self-drive safari, one gets the complete desert camp experience and a small dune bashing trip. You can also choose this package if you are not much into dune bashing.

When you plan your Dubai vacation, add a desert safari to the top of your things-to-do list. You don’t have to worry about going for the safari in summer either. Deserts are almost ten degrees cooler than cities because of the lower humidity.

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