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Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance

Personal training was

never so much fun. According to Nick Mitchell, Founder of Ultimate Performance – it is tough to attain perfection, but if we go after perfection we can excel.

Having noticed the proliferation of what he calls “rent-a-friend” personal trainers, Mitchell understood the market and his technique gave results. Thriving and noticeable on the website’s gallery of success stories. The team don’t just ‘exercise’ the client, they take a holistic, global approach to that can impact their body composition.

Mitchell says, “The real secret to our success at UP lies less in our plans and more in the execution. We get the best results because of the scrutiny, accountability and incentivisation that we place on our training team.” Nick Mitchell says that working for Ultimate Performance as a personal trainer is “no easy ride”.

He expects his trainers to become “trusted advisers” to their clients, helping them to achieve a complete body transformation by looking at every little detail. His best trainers spend a lot of their time finding ways to improve UP methods and practises as they do in the gym. Mitchell is delighted that a lot of his good ideas such as having a professional staff chef who helps those “struggling to make their diet palatable” have been appreciated. Clients are impressed and rave about their personal achievements and results. As Mitchell says: “All we care about is getting you the result you want.” It’s a simple ethos, but one clearly laden with success. Clients can try world class personal training in a world class private gym in the centre of the DIFC. And yet there’s not a chrome machine or juice bar in sight.

All their equipment is custom made right from world leading exercise and training equipment vendors.

The team insists on the best to achieve the ultimate. Ultimate Performance was founded to create the most effective method of personal training in the world. The gym is powered by a transformative business model, proprietary technology, tried and tested methodology, and some of the best fitness industry brains in the world, the team has rewritten the rules and changed the game. By giving clients a tangible return on their investment and trainers a career path that in the past they could only have ever dreamed about, they’ve revolutionized the Personal Training industry and are the acknowledged global leaders in their field. The trainers listen, advise and then coach with that specific goal in mind.  Gyms don’t change lives. People do.

Contact: Ultimate Performance Emirates Financial Towers 5 Al Sukook Street DIFC Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Tel.: +971 4 431 9004 e-mail: Web:

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